Griffins International School observes Investiture Ceremony

Griffins International School observes Investiture Ceremony

· The ethos of Griffins International School inspires the students in developing leadership skills from childhood.

Kolkata, 22nd June, 2021: Griffins International School recently observed its 5th investiture ceremony. The guiding principle behind the investiture ceremony was to elect leaders to form the new student council for the institution who would work together in unison with Griffinites to bring laurels and applause to the institution.

The elected leaders of the school took an oath promising to work for the betterment of the school through self development and the students at large. Along with the student leaders, teachers were also elected as the students would grow under their able mentorship.

The ceremony was presided over by the Chairman, Mr. Abhishek Kumar Yadav, Principal Mrs. Sarbari Brahma, and headmistress Mrs. Ruma Mazumder. The speeches delivered by the Head Girl, Prapti Chakraborty, and the Assistant Head Boy, Pratham Agarwal created much enthusiasm and instilled a sense of confidence and pride among all the Griffinites.

Mrs. Sarbari Brahma, the Principal, appreciated the old student council for its work and welcomed the new leaders. She commented, “Griffins International School has always envisioned to nurture the students to become successful, responsible, and ethical leaders. This ceremony sets the stage for the young leaders for great teamwork. As leaders, young Griffinites are always enthusiastic to inculcate many qualities like responsibility, discipline, commitment, team spirit, perseverance, and motivation. I look forward to all our students become leaders in their might and right.”

Mr. Abishek Yadav, the Chairman, congratulated the newly elected leaders of the school council and commented, “Leadership is an interesting challenge as while presenting challenges, it gives us an opportunity to not only face the biggest difficulties but also to overcome them. Leadership is not about authority. Leadership can be practiced by each one of us.”

“We at Griffins believe in cultivating leadership skills from a very young age to boost confidence and the ability to perceive a greater perspective in every sphere of life. We are happy to create a conducive environment for our children so that they can come up with their new creative solutions and excel in their way to become promising leaders of tomorrow”, added Mr. Yadav.

About Griffins International School

Griffins International School, Kharagpur (GIS) is promoted and managed by Govind Behari Yadav Trust with its registered office at Kharagpur, West Bengal. The school was founded with a vision to be a learning school that ignites inquisitive minds to innovate and inspire others.

Mr. Abishek Yadav, a chemical engineer from IIT Kharagpur and a versatile entrepreneur, is at the helm of the institution. His dream of developing & nurturing the young minds to become successful, responsible, and ethical leaders of tomorrow was the guiding principle behind the establishment of GIS, with a state-of-the-art infrastructure, sprawling across 14 acres of land.

GIS is setting a new benchmark for a world class school education system with a “Safety First” approach and robust infrastructure for a New India with 24 hours CCTV surveillance and the school buses fitted with CCTV & the latest GPS systems. The school also prepares its students for various competitive exams like IITJEE and NEET.

The school with a lush green campus provides an enabling environment for every child to excel while enjoying with Art Studio, Swimming pool, Indoor & Outdoor Games, Music Studio, Robotics lab, Amphitheatre, and Apple education program.

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