Chef Kunal Kapur shares the importance of kitchen cleanliness

Chef Kunal Kapur shares the importance of kitchen cleanliness

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Kolkata 25th September 2021: Tidying up the kitchen seems like a task every day, especially after finishing daily chores, office work, and taking care of kids. However, a clean kitchen is a happy kitchen and a happy place to work. A clean kitchen not only ensures that meals are hygienically prepared but also brings efficiency to cooking. Rather than taking up the task of cleaning at the end, keeping it tidy as you progress with chores can save you a great deal of stress and also prove to be time-saving.

Celebrity Chef Kunal Kapur says, “Indian food is a beautiful mix of rich spices, strong smells and tastes. However, the aftermath of cooking, splashes, removing the odour, stains and grease means a whole lot of scrubbing, which takes a lot of energy and time. Keeping a kitchen towel handy to wipe fresh splashes and also keeping a dish wash liquid gel like Nimeasy handy ensures that you spend less elbow grease and less time to get the job done.”

Chef Kunal Kapur shares his tricks for keeping your kitchen clean as you cook:

Keep surface clean: Unclean kitchen surfaces and utensils could adversely affect and cause health concerns in the long term. We tend to wash our fruits and vegetables and leave them to dry on the kitchen platform. An unclean kitchen platform makes the action of washing the food redundant. The germs from the platform tend to move inside the fridge along with the food stored.

For the Veggies: Food borne diseases can be caused by spoilage or cross contamination and are more likely known to affect young children and older adults. Hence, make it a practice to wash your hands before handling food. Maintain cutting boards for vegetables and clean them thoroughly before and after use. Once all the handling, cutting and cooking is done, clean the sink and platforms with a clean cloth.

Most importantly, fruits & vegetables need to be cleaned by soaking them in solution like ITC's Nimwash which is 100% natural action vegetable and fruit wash that can wash away pesticides and 99.9% germs and assures no side effects.

For the Utensils & Appliances: Soaking the vessels as soon as you finish cooking in a solution like Nimeasy will ease your job and leave the utensils with spotless shine. No scrubbing needed!

Other appliances like the toaster, coffeemaker and food processor work more efficiently when they’re clean. A simple dusting cloth does a fabulous job. It is also not a bad idea to wipe the walls, taps and storage racks once in a while as germs and stains can easily build up anywhere.

Cleanliness of the space we dwell in impacts our mind, body and being and these simple yet important hacks and habits make maintaining calm and peace easy.

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