Fiona Allison is a mysterious young model

Twenty-year-old Fiona Allison is a mysterious young Model

Fiona Allison

Twenty-year-old Fiona Allison is a mysterious young woman. This beautiful model has not revealed any personal information yet. Growing up in France, Fiona became involved in modeling.

Highly active on Instagram and already 572k followers. This shows how popular this beautiful model is.

Fiona has multiple pictures expressing her sincere love for India. Because he loves Indian culture, he has ever shared a picture with the national flag in his hand, and has adorned himself in a sari more than once.

Fiona Allison has a sexy, bold and attractive personality. According to some interviews and news sources, Fiona is still unmarried. 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 56 kg.

Fiona Allison

Enthusiasm for fitness has been noticed from the very beginning. Has shared multiple pictures of bodybuilding on social media. He also shared a picture of yoga wearing a sari.

Fiona Allison

However, Fiona Allison is well known for posting sexy and hot photos on social networks. There are many fan groups called 'Allison Lovers'.

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