IIM Calcutta, TimesPro collaborate to launch LEAD: An Advanced Management Programme

IIM Calcutta, TimesPro collaborate to launch LEAD: An Advanced Management Programme

IIM Calcutta

Kolkata: The Indian Institute of Management Calcutta and TimesPro have launched the fourth batch of LEAD (Learn I Enhance I Aspire I Deliver): An Advanced Management Programme designed as an innovative on-campus programme for senior executives seeking the knowledge and skills needed to make sense of disruptive change and steer their organisations towards growth and resilience.

Fortune magazine's CEO survey revealed a mere seven per cent believed they were building successful global leaders. McKinsey's research on leadership stated that leaders should foster collaboration during crises, usher calm, stay optimistic, demonstrate empathy, and communicate effectively. A Forbes' study mentions that leaders must transform their organisations by fostering a culture of trust and transparency.

LEAD spans four on-campus modules, each about a week in length, scheduled over the duration of a year. Learners will be introduced to modern-day concepts in finance, strategic thinking, and operations through four modules - LEARN (The Functional Capabilities of the Business Enterprise), ENHANCE (The Cognitive Capabilities of the Distinctive Executive), ASPIRE (Contemporary Challenges for the Business Enterprise), and DELIVER (Pathways and Outcomes for the Impactful Executive). Each module comprises a carefully curated set of sessions on the foundational tasks of senior executives as well as the key contemporary concerns of managing growing enterprises in the 21st century. The programme will enable executives, directors, and proprietors to master the skills of negotiation, conflict resolution, and strategic thinking, to become comfortable with the foundational functions of operations, marketing, and finance, and to engage with complex business problems like digitalisation and global disruption. They will also learn to design a leadership framework to effectively manage transition in their organisation and create opportunities to overcome inertia and usher in growth.

This innovative programme has been specially crafted for senior executives and entrepreneurial leaders who wish to join a cross-sectoral high-performance peer group of experienced professionals and meet in-person for four immersive week-long modules on IIM Calcutta’s verdant Joka campus. Across the first three batches, the programme brought together senior executives from varied sectors like Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Information Technology, Banking Financial Services & Insurance, Defence, Retail, Telecommunications, Consumer Electronics, Real Estate, Edtech, Steel, and Cement, among others. Participants in the programme have come from Indian firms as well as multinational enterprises, for-profit sector as well as non-profit sector, large established corporations as well as young start-ups, the private sector as well as the government. The unique programme design and the contemporary content has made it among the most sought-after programmes in its category across the country. The LEAD programme has also attracted founders across start-ups to learn the nuances of strengthening their organisational leadership and network with industry leaders.

Speaking on the announcement, Prof. Anirvan Pant, Associate Professor, IIM Calcutta, said, “Participants from the first three batches have affirmed the transformative impact of the programme on their personal development, their careers, and – in turn – on their respective organisations. Feedback from participants reveals that the programme has positively impacted their capacity for critical thinking, problem solving orientation, and managing strategic initiatives for their organisations.”

Sunil Sood, Chief Business Officer – Executive Education, TimesPro, said, “LEAD is an advanced management programme that will bolster the capabilities of organisations to build new-age leadership teams to make swift and decisive decisions to stay abreast with the evolving landscape of Industry 4.0. The fundamental concepts will upskill leaders for the future with technological skills mandated for the digital and fast-paced economy.”

The LEAD programme will be delivered in a fully in-person mode on IIM Calcutta’s campus. The programme follows IIM Calcutta’s proven eclectic portfolio method that spans diverse modes including lectures, case discussions, and experiential group exercises. Candidates completing the programme will receive certification from IIM Calcutta and be accorded IIM Calcutta Executive Education Alumni status.
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