STAIRS FOUNDATION launches One India One Goal

STAIRS FOUNDATION launches One India One Goal

STAIRS FOUNDATION launches One India One Goal

A comprehensive grassroots sports initiative for the whole country

New Delhi, 18 April 2023:The Society for Transformation, Inclusion, and Recognition through Sports (STAIRS), based in New Delhi, India, is strengthening India's Road to the Olympics with the launch of its latest initiative - the 'One India One Goal’ Program. The 'One India One Goal’ Programis a multi-year, systematic, and synchronised program for grassroots sports development in the country. The program aims to create a participatory sports development model directly aimed at increasing the number of stakeholders, from participants to policymakers.

The program received significant support from Km. Pratima Bhoumik, Minister of State for Social Justice and Empowermentwho was the chief guest for the event. Shri Sanjay Seth Member of Parliament, Ranchi, Jharkhand also extended his support to the program. More than 3000 Gold and Silver medalists and 250 coaches of Stairs programs from over 200 districts and 11 states of India come together to celebrate the initiative. On this occasion, the logo and merchandise of ‘One India One Goal’ was unveiled by Km. Pratima Bhoumik.

The ‘One India One Goal’program is based on three pillars –‘Play to Play’, ‘Play to Win’, and ‘Play to Earn’ - covering the complete lifecycle of a player.It will be executed in the flagshipSTAIRS Funnel Model of grassroots sports development.

The top of the funnel covers ‘Play to Play’ promoting broad-basing of sports and increasing the number of participants making sports accessible to all.

The ‘Play to Win’ is the mid-to-the-base of the funnel covering scouting players through championships and ‘Play to Earn’ is the base of the funnel covering training, growth and livelihood. The model ensures that selection begins from the largest talent pool available. As a part of the program, STAIRS also plans to open youth clubs and promote training academies where children will be encouraged to participate in productive outdoor activities and Lifeskills training.

Speaking on the launch of the Program, Shri Siddhartha Upadhyay, President STAIRS Foundation, Former Governing council member - Sports Authority of India,said, “We are supercharged to announce ‘One India One Goal’ that aims at creating champions for

the country. We are committed to realising the vision of Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji to make India a sporting superpower. For the first time since independence, there is the necessary political will under his inspirational leadership to actualise India's immensely yet unharnessed sporting talent, potential, and genius, and through ‘One India One Goal’ Program, we wish to contribute to India's success in international sports events with our sights on more Olympic medals for our great nation."

Talking about the significance of the initiative, Km. Pratima Bhoumik, Minister of State, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment said, "I am glad to be a part of an initiative that not only aims to create champions for the country but also addresses the issue of lack of opportunity for young India from weaker sections of the society. Initiatives like ‘One India One Goal’ serve as a platform that will give the deprived children the opportunity, confidence, and direction to make an identity for themselves. It will also create an ecosystem where people unite to address the issue further. I hope that we have more such initiatives in place that will empower each and every Indian with equal opportunities."

“’One India One Goal’program has a detailed plan of action to harness and hone the talent at the grassroots, create regional centres of excellence, provide opportunities to compete and excel, and in the process create an army of world-class athletes in 14 disciplines who’ll win India dozens of Olympic medals.It’s time we reap the fruits of our immense reservoir of sporting talent. One India One Goal will bring people from variedbackgrounds together to contribute towards a concerted effort towards making India asporting superpower, saidShri Ajit M.Sharan, IAS (Retd) and Chairman, Board of Directors, STAIRS.

The ‘One India One Goal Program’ aligns with the government's vision to make India a Sports Superpower and aims at creating a sustained and quantifiable program to broad-base sports at the grassroots, thereby enabling the sporting ecosystem to grow.In addition, it will create a participatory sports development model directly aimed at increasing the number of stakeholders, from participants to policymakers.

The Sports and Youth Development program will focus on a progressive sports development approach with a focus on youth development, diversity and inclusion, talent identification and nurturing, equal opportunity to all, career/ sports business development, health and recreation, and life skills development.

As a renowned non-profit organization dedicated to promoting sports, education, health, and skill development for children across India, STAIRS aims to recognize and nurture young talents from the grassroots level by providing a platform for exceptionally gifted young athletes from every part of India to exhibit their skills and compete at the national level. This program not only enables talented athletes to rise and lead a dignified life through sports but also contributes to creating more champions for the country, making it a significant stride towards promoting the growth of sports in India.

The unique program was launched at the STAIRS National Sports Meet, culminating the year-long grassroots sports championships held in over 200 districts in 11 states of India. The event witnessed participation of 3000 Gold and Silver medalists and 250 coaches from over 200 districts and 11 states of India. The final event is the result of the efforts and dedication put in throughout the year-long championship that provided a platform to 20,000 players who participated with guidance from a team of 960 trainers in 6 games.


STAIRS is a Delhi-based not-for-profit, non-governmental organization which aims to empower the underprivileged youth and children of India. STAIRS is committed to providing opportunities to young Indians so that they can lead a life of dignity. Since 2000 STAIRS has been nurturing and encouraging talented sportsmen at the bottom of the income pyramid, not only to do justice to their inherent potential but also to secure means of livelihood and respectable careers in sports. STAIRS also conducts educational and health programmes to ensure a healthy life of dignity and equality to all irrespective of their caste, creed or sex. STAIRS runs more than 400 centres spread across seven states of India.

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