Experience Clearer and Hydrated Skin with CLEAN & CLEAR®'s New and Improved Foaming Facewash

Experience Clearer and Hydrated Skin with CLEAN & CLEAR®'s New and Improved Foaming Facewash

Foaming Facewash

  • New formulation offers exceptional pimple fighting ingredients and enhanced hydration
  • Clinically proven to reduce pimples in just 1 week!

MUMBAI, JUNE 26 2023: CLEAN & CLEAR®, one of India’s leading teen skincare brands has launched its new and improved CLEAN & CLEAR® Foaming Facewash to address pimple and oily skin concerns faced by teenage girls. The powerful new formulation is enhanced with 50% pimple-fighting ingredients and is clinically proven to reduce pimples in just 1 week.

The all-new CLEAN & CLEAR® Foaming Facewash gently cleanses the skin removing 99% dirt, oil, and acne-causing bacteria and contains no sulphates and parabens. Crafted with hydrating ingredients, the facewash provides 4X more hydration to preserve 99% natural moisture of the skin, providing glowing and fresh skin after every use.

The improved formulation of the CLEAN & CLEAR Foaming Facewash has been specifically designed to address young teenage girls’ top concerns around skin dryness and presence of sulphates and parabens in their daily skincare routine. With the launch of the new product, consumers get a more effective cleanse reducing pimples in one week as well as prevents them from returning without compromising on the gentleness the skin deserves.

Commenting on the launch, Manoj Gadgil, Vice President of Marketing & Business Unit Head, Kenvue said, "Over the years, CLEAN & CLEAR® has established itself as the leading teen skincare brand trusted by millions of teens across India owing to our product superiority and efficacy. The brand has always strived to inspire teens to overcome their inner inhibitions about pimples and enhance their self-confidence. CLEAN & CLEAR® Foaming Facewash in its new avatar furthers our promise by providing an improved and more powerful solution to help teens effectively combat pimples and other acne-related concerns while keeping their skin hydrated delivering better results.”


At CLEAN & CLEAR® India, we understand the importance of skin confidence - that when your skin is at its best, you are at your best. That’s why we have designed a complete range of skincare solutions that are oil-free, gentle on your face and loved by millions of young girls around the world who are all unique in their own way. So, wash away your inhibitions and take on the day with clear skin!

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