Empowering Bharat, One Store at a Time: Agency M Interns' Transformation of a Kirana Store

Empowering Bharat, One Store at a Time: Agency M Interns' Transformation of a Kirana Store

Empowering Bharat, One Store at a Time: Agency M Interns' Transformation of a Kirana Store

Bangalore, January, 2024 – The Mindful Transformers, an initiative by Agency M(Movement) at Miles School of Branding and Advertising (SOBA), proudly announces the successful rebranding of Kirana stores, led by a dynamic group of hardworking 18-year-old interns. Guided by Ms. Priya Menon Nair, COO of Miles SOBA and Agency M, in collaboration with Mount Carmel College (MCC) and CMS-Jain University, this transformative journey unfolded in September 2023.

The interns, including Agneyi Dileepkumar, Vaishnavi Ravi, Bhoomi Tak, Srujana MP, Krishi Mehta, Siya Jain, Aditi Deepak, Aditya Sinha, and team leader Preethi Rajaram, exhibited exceptional diligence. They conducted in-depth research, authored a comprehensive case study, performed competitor analysis, devised strategic plans, and executed a dynamic social media campaign, notably "Saturday with Suresh."

Their holistic approach extended to creating a manifesto, designing a logo, and crafting a mascot, showcasing not only creativity but also a strategic mindset in every aspect of the rebranding process.

Preethi Rajaram, the team leader, expressed her pride, stating, "The Mindful Transformers exemplify the power of collaborative creativity. Leading this dedicated team towards making a meaningful impact on Kirana store owners and their communities has been an honor."

Academic leaders, Dr. Rajkumar, Dean of MCC, and Dr. Dinesh Nilkant, PRO-Vice Chancellor of Jain CMS, praised the students, stating, "The Mindful Transformers showcase the future of our educational institutions – hardworking, creative, and dedicated individuals making a tangible impact."

Mr. Pratish Nair, Founder of Miles SOBA and Agency M, commended the initiative, remarking, "The Mindful Transformers embodies our vision at Miles SOBA – nurturing hardworking creative thinkers making a positive impact."

Suresh, a Kirana store owner, expressed deep gratitude, saying, "Their dedication and creativity have brought new life to my business. This initiative is a true example of meaningful collaboration between hardworking students and the community."

In an extraordinary turn of events, the interns reached out to Mr. Ratan Tata, receiving a response and words of encouragement from his office, further fueling their transformative journey.

As per Mr.Vinod Madhavan Dean of Miles SoBA , this project, initiated by the hardworking interns of Agency M, stands as a testament to the power of collaboration between academic institutions, industry leaders, and passionate students. It showcases the positive impact that can be achieved when theoretical knowledge is applied creatively and diligently for the betterment of the community.

About Agency M: Agency M, the in-house agency at Miles School of Branding and Advertising (SOBA), is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of hardworking creative thinkers and marketing professionals.

About Miles SOBA: Miles SOBA is a leading institution committed to excellence in branding and advertising education, fostering creativity, innovation, and industry-relevant skills.

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